[OOTD] Coachella Inspired

I always wear skinny jeans, every day. Or leggings, depending on what kind of top I'd wear that day. But it's essentially the same: skin-tight bottoms are the daily go-to choice of mine. I rarely wear skirts, just because I think that it's too much of a hassle—almost every day, I commute with motorcycle (it's not me who's driving though, lmao)—despite my fondness of them.

So you guessed it, I never wear loose-fitting pants.
Well, almost. I can definitely count with my fingers, how many times I actually, deliberately did.

One of the reasons for wearing skin-tight bottoms all the time is that I like to flaunt my legs. I got a pretty nice pair of legs that I could be proud of. They're skinny, in a great shape (because I squat on daily basis), and hecka long-ass (seriously though, my lower body is longer than my upper body). Lots of my girl friends are envious of my legs, and I sure am proud of it. One of the greatest assets among all my body parts, definitely. By wearing skin-tight bottoms, my legs' shape is defined.

And well, the opposite—I've always thought that wearing loose-fitting pants would look bad on me, because they'd just emphasize my super skinny body and making me look even more like a stick figure. You know, like a hobo? I mean, you get my point, right?

Yeah well, last week I had this certain condition which obliged me to wear loose-fitting pants. And I do not have that many pairs of them, only two. One pair is normal, navy blue loose pants with polka dot pattern on them, they could definitely pass as pajama pants. And the other, is this high-waist harem pants with batik fabric I got from Bali.

You see, that day I gotta go to university to attend classes. And boy, wearing the former pair I mentioned wasn't even an option. Hell, they look really pajama-ish. I didn't think that it was the most appropriate attire you'd wear to a formal educational institution.

So I have no other option, I gotta wear the harem pants. Even though I loathe this type of pants wholeheartedly.

I was like, maybe I could pair this with something and make this work. Then I suddenly remember some references I saw back in my high school senior year on Instagram, and I got an idea. It was this time where I was crazy about Bohemian-inspired fashion. Something like Brandy Melville, Free People, and the fellow brands. Basically just Coachella-ish.

Well, I was basically channeling my very self circa 2014.

I immediately grabbed my white knitted long cardigan and sport bra, tried to bring my idea to life. By coincidence (I mean what are the odds?), I also found this pretty flower crown on top of my little sister's wardrobe. I put everything in place, and guess what? It worked—it looked not too bad.

  • Knitted Long Cardigan: Cotton On
  • Sport Bra: Details Clothing Co.
  • Batik High-Waisted Harem Pants: Unbranded
FYI, I've never been comfortable posing in front of camera. I used to be real awkward, because I wasn't confident of myself. And I used to be the behind-the-scene kind of person. But nowadays, I don't know, I got some improvements. I can now let loose in front of camera, I know my angles, I know my best expression, I kinda know how to pose now. I think this kinda stuff needs practice? Well, still a noob though.

Now let's talk about the nude, natural, no-makeup makeup.

  • Eyebrows: The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in #3 - Brown & Black
  • Primer: The Body Shop Instablur Primer
  • BB Cream: The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream in #3
  • Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in #07 - Mohair
  • Blush On: NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Spice
  • Bronzer: Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer in Golden Soleil Hale
  • Lip: Purbasari Matte in #81 - Diamond
See how my hair looking so BOMB up there? Jeez, if only it happens every day. If only good-hair-day is every day, life would be so much easier. Anyways, I'd be happy to recommend this hair vitamin from L'Oreal, called Extraordinary Oil. It is just the best product for my hair, it builds up nicely and just won't make my hair greasy. You should definitely try that!

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