You might wanna check out this piece of poetry to instantly get a hold of who I am.

Hi there y'all, the name's Detha Prastyphylia.
Also goes by the alias plasticdeath.

Meet yer local hot choco connoisseur.

I'm 19 and I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. Currently an undergraduate student in Airlangga University, majoring in communication. I'm a freelance graphic designer slash social media content creator & manager slash copywriter at the moment (I'm also accepting requests if you want me to do your makeup!). If I could describe myself, I'd say I'm one of those tech-savvy millennials, an avid critical thinker, and a self-proclaimed fashion snob & makeup junkie.

I love writing a lot, especially poetry. I also like to shoot things aka photography and making & editing videos (you could see some of my works on my youtube channel). People around me know how much I glorify the color black like it's God himself, judging by my clothing on daily basis. I fancy design & aesthetic, and I'm pretty much a fashion snob and a tech-savvy person. Ranting on twitter about stuffs is also my favorite activity once in a while (just because I'm too lazy to make a blog post about it HA!). And oh, I also love love love philosophy and communication (especially media-related) theories.

Ever since my laptop has been revamped, gaming is my new-found obsession. Add me on steam though. Also if you play GTA Online, let's do some heists together! My ID for both steam & GTAO is plasticdeath.

I post literally everything from personal matters, life updates, rants, to academic writings in here. And i swear like a lot. So if you're a fan of profanities, welcome aboard!

Fun fact: my name is literally the anagram of death.
If that doesn't give you any kind of impression about me then I don't know what will.

Let's hang!
dethaprsty [at] gmail.com
or ask me anything